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摘要: Legacy applications are the older pieces of software that you use to run your business—these applications have been around for a while, and times have changed since they were created. While some will work fine for a while, they will inevitably need to be reevaluated at some point, which is when it’s time to evolve your legacy apps with confident cloud migration strategies. To help ease your modernization efforts, this article will provide a basic overview of when and how to do so. If you feel it’s time to modernize one of your legacy applications, ensure you either have a well-trained and experienced IT team in place or contact an IT company if needed to help ease this process.

摘要: The bias-variance tradeoff, part 2 of 3

In Part 1, we covered much of the basic terminology as well as a few key insights about the bias-variance formula (MSE = Bias² + Variance), including this paraphrase from Anna Karenina:

All perfect models are alike, but each unhappy model can be unhappy in its own way.

To make the most of this article, I suggest taking a look at Part 1 to make sure you’re well-situated to absorb this one.

摘要: The AI bias trouble starts — but doesn’t end — with definition. “Bias” is an overloaded term which means remarkably different things in different contexts.