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摘要: Oracle’s MySQL database service supporting mixed analytical, transaction processing, and machine learning workloads is now available on Amazon Web Services.




Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave, a MySQL cloud service for analytics and mixed workloads, is now available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

MySQL HeatWave combines OLAP (online analytical processing), OLTP (online transaction processing), machine learning, and AI-driven automation in a single MySQL database. MySQL HeatWave users can run transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads in one service on AWS without needing ETL (extract, transform, load) duplication between separate OLTP and OLAP databases.

Availability of MySQL HeatWave on AWS was announced on September 12. MySQL HeatWave also is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and will be available on the Microsoft Azure cloud in the near future.

A free trial of MySQL HeatWave is accessible from Oracle’s website. Oracle said it is offering a native experience on AWS. Performance can be monitored along with utilization of provisioned resources. Also featured is integration with MySQL Autopilot, which provides workload-aware, machine learning-based automation of the application lifecycle including data management and query execution.

MySQL HeatWave also offers comprehensive security features, Oracle said, including server-side data masking and de-identification, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall.


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