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摘要: With the tremendous growth of business data in terms of volume, size, and complexity, it is imperative that global enterprises develop a strong Data Strategy to address their core business needs. However, a realistic Data Strategy has to incorporate a clear road map with milestones, so that strategy documents do not end up as digital assets with no real value. The 5 Essential Components of a Data Strategy depicts the tale of an organization’s Data Strategy development that met with surprising success.

摘要: Let’s level-set: Data privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA are the tip of the iceberg, and enterprises need to start addressing privacy compliance and its related challenges immediately. Wait – don’t click away from this article. I promise it won’t be beating the dead horse of regulatory compliance.

摘要: Applying data efficiently can mean the difference between success and failure for a business in today’s competitive environment. But before you can even consider issues such as choosing the right deployment model, you need the backing of your employees when it comes to your organization’s Data Strategy.

摘要: 華爾街億萬富翁瓊斯(Paul Tudor Jones)旗下 220 億美元基金 Tudor BVI 在今年 5 月宣布將持有不超過 5% 的比特幣期貨,為今年夏季機構投資人的大舉進場開了先例。今(4)日,瓊斯在接受《雅虎財經》採訪時,也再次強調了他支持比特幣的堅定立場。

摘要: 在加密貨幣市場中,現貨交易是什麼?合約交易是什麼?兩者有何差別?如何判斷優缺點?透過筆者完整分析,讀者將能理解在一個成熟的交易帳戶中,如何能在承擔更多風險情況,以穩健的交易使倉位穩定成長,以專業的交易方式操盤。本文由擁有八年操盤實戰經驗資深分析師 Jack Shih 撰稿,他擅長以基本型態、趨勢線、移動平均線與斐波那契數進行左側分析並且右側進場。手上管理的資金超過千萬美元,每年獲利至少30% 穩定成長。

摘要: Snapchat recently announced upgrades to its ad strategy with the incorporation of an artificial intelligence platform known as “goal-based bidding,” which allows advertisers on Snapchat to target their messages more effectively. And by allowing users to swipe ads and dive deeper into the journey, it increases the potential for more consistent and continued consumer engagement.