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摘要: Analogies play a crucial role in commonsense reasoning. The ability to recognize analogies like “eye is to seeing what ear is to hearing,” sometimes referred to as analogical proportions, shape how humans structure knowledge and understand language. In a new study that looks at whether AI models can understand analogies, researchers at Cardiff University used benchmarks from education as well as more common datasets. They found that while off-the-shelf models can identify some analogies, they sometimes struggle with complex relationships, raising questions about to what extent models capture knowledge.

摘要: 數據科學家的重要任務,就是減少與防止機器學習偏差,而防止偏差的最好方式,就是了解偏差發生的原因。一旦原因確定,就能採取行動來消除。量子運算博士生 Sara A. Metwalli 分享 機器學習偏差的 5 種類型、它們如何發生,以及如何減少影響,提供給 AI 模型開發者參考。

摘要: How are various organizations handling the accelerating transition of data to the cloud? What are the obstacles in data cleaning for analytics and the time constraints companies face when preparing data for analytics, AI and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives? Here is a look at some insights from a recent report by Trifacta that answer these questions.

摘要:From wild speculation that flying cars will become the norm to robots that will be able to tend to our every need, there is lots of buzz about how AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning will change our lives. However, at present, it seems like a far-fetched future.